Child Safety Around Garage Doors: What Parents Need to Know


Garage doors are extremely heavy and can pose a serious safety hazard to children if not properly maintained or malfunctioned. As a parent, you want to ensure your kids stay safe while playing in and around the garage. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about child safety and garage doors.

Key Takeaways

  • Teach children about garage door danger zones like springs, cables and sensors
  • Store remotes out of reach and explain they are not toys
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks on safety features
  • Choose quality garage doors from reputable brands
  • Supervise young children in the garage at all times

The Risks Garage Doors Pose to Children

A garage door weighs over 100 pounds on average and operates under high tension from springs and cables. This heavy machinery can easily injure, crush or even kill a child if safety rules are not followed.

Between the 1980s-90s, several accidents and deaths related to garage doors were reported. Now, all garage door openers sold in the US must have entrapment protection features per federal law. These include photo eyes, sensors, and automatic reverse mechanisms if obstruction is detected. Still, injuries can occur if kids play around the door, hang from cables or disable safety devices. Constant adult supervision is a must.

The Risks Garage Doors Pose to Children

Teaching Kids Garage Door Safety Rules

Have open conversations with children about garage door dangers and set clear expectations:

  • Check for people/objects before closing door
  • Never leave bikes/toys near door
  • Don’t share or misuse remote
  • Never hang on/ride the door
  • Don’t touch door when moving
  • Don’t play under the door’s pathway
  • Don’t tamper with sensors

Reinforce that the garage door and remote are not toys and should only be operated by adults in a safe, responsible manner.

Identifying Hazardous Garage Door Zones

Since kids are curious by nature, show them the specific parts of the garage door system to avoid:

Springs – Never touch torsion or extension springs above the door. Inform parents if broken.

Cables – Cables under high tension lift the door. Do not touch or play with cables.

Photo Eyes – Sensors emit invisible light beams to trigger reverse mechanism. Do not tamper with sensors.

Conveying the danger zones reduces the temptation to interact with hazardous components.

Ensuring Child Safety Around Garage Doors

Follow these tips to keep kids safe around your garage:

  • Use safety locks/covers on outlets, cabinets
  • Securely store chemicals, tools, ladders, etc.
  • Lock vehicles, unplug appliances when not in use
  • Properly dispose of hazardous waste
  • Store remotes out of reach
  • Test door reverse mechanism
  • Schedule biannual maintenance
  • Buy quality garage doors from reputable brands

Take preventative measures so the garage poses minimal risks. Teach children boundaries and always supervise young kids. Instilling safe habits around garage doors now protects them for life.


A properly maintained garage door with functioning safety features poses little risk to kids informed about danger zones. Combining preventative measures, open communication, and supervision ensures children remain safe from harm. Consider Quality Overhead Door for professional installation, maintenance, replacement doors, parts and safety inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you childproof a garage door?

Use locks, covers, and secure storage for any hazardous materials in the garage. Mount remotes out of reach. Teach kids about danger zones to avoid. Schedule regular maintenance checks and test safety features.

Is it safe for kids to play in the garage?

The garage can be unsafe for unsupervised play depending on what is stored inside and if vehicles or appliances are in use. Children should not play near the garage door area and adults should check it is clear before operating.

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