The Importance of Regular Garage Door Inspections


Do you take your garage door for granted? Many homeowners do, not realizing how vital regular inspections and maintenance are for safety, security, and durability. Read on to learn why making garage door inspections part of your regular home maintenance routine is so critical.

A garage door is the largest moving object in your home. It gets heavy use, opening and closing multiple times per day. The weight, motion, and stress put quite a strain on garage door parts. Without regular inspections, unnoticed wear, misalignments, and damage can lead to everything from annoying issues like stuck doors to dangerous malfunctions and accidents. Staying on top of garage door maintenance helps avoid problems, extends the lifespan of the system, and keeps your family safe.

Key Takeaways

  • Get garage doors/openers inspected twice annually
  • Conduct monthly maintenance checks for signs of wear
  • Look for damage, stuck rollers, frayed cables, sensor issues, etc.
  • Do NOT attempt DIY repairs beyond basic maintenance
  • Investing in routine inspections saves money long-term

Staying on top of garage door maintenance keeps your family safe, avoids expensive repairs, and can extend the lifespan of the system significantly. Make regular professional inspections and monthly home checks a priority to get peace of mind about this large and often overlooked feature of your home.

What Can Go Wrong?

Many garage door components can wear out or break over time. Cables, pulleys, and springs are under intense load and tension and can snap. Rollers can get stuck or fall out of tracks. Door panels and windows can crack. Sensors get knocked out of alignment. Weatherstripping wears down. And more. Without routine inspections, you won’t notice issues until it’s too late. A broken spring or frayed cable could cause the heavy door to crash down unexpectedly. Malfunctioning sensors could cause the door to close on a vehicle or family member. Letting problems go can lead to pricey repairs, damage, injuries, and worse.

The Case for Regular Inspections

Consistency is key when it comes to garage door safety. Experts recommend inspecting doors and openers at least twice per year and conducting monthly maintenance checks. This might seem excessive if you’ve never had an issue before. However, being proactive helps avoid catastrophes and saves you money in the long run. During inspections and tuneups, technicians check all door components, ensure proper alignment, tighten hardware, lubricate parts, replace worn pieces, and make adjustments to keep things working smoothly for years to come. The small investments of time and money are well worth it.

What to Look For

While pros should handle actual repairs and replacements, you can perform your own monthly visual checks to spot potential problems between professional inspections.

Here are key things to look for:

  • Cracks, dents or damage on door panels
  • Fraying or kinking on cables
  • Worn, cracked or warped weatherstripping
  • Sticking rollers or pulleys
  • Rust, cracks or debris on tracks
  • Tears or missing window screens/glazing
  • Damaged or malfunctioning locks, handles or springs

Listen for grinding noises while operating the door. Ensure it opens and closes smoothly without sticking or seeming too heavy. Confirm the auto-reverse mechanism works by blocking the sensors while closing. If you notice anything concerning, call a technician right away.

Why DIY Repairs Aren’t Recommended

It’s tempting to try fixing issues yourself to save money. However, garage door repairs require expertise and special tools. Do-it-yourself mistakes can void warranties, cause further damage, and most importantly, lead to safety risks. The counterbalance system works under extreme tension that can release unexpectedly and cause catastrophic injuries if mishandled. Leave repairs to seasoned professionals.

Why DIY Repairs Aren't Recommended


Like other mechanical systems, garage doors work hard and are subjected to extreme daily stress. Without vigilant home maintenance checks and professional inspections twice annually, wear-and-tear can lead to annoying or dangerous breakdowns. Staying on top of garage door care ensures safe, reliable function for years plus provides peace of mind knowing issues will be caught early. Protect your investment and your family by making regular garage door checkups a priority. If you need help with your garage door in Phoenix, El Mirage, or Buckeye contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is regular garage door maintenance important?

Regular maintenance helps detect wear, damage, and misalignments early before problems escalate. This allows for preventative repairs to keep the system safe and operational.

How often should you check your garage door?

Homeowners should do a quick visual inspection for any issues monthly. Additionally, the door and opener should be thoroughly inspected by a professional technician twice a year.

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