Updating Your Garage Door for a Modern Look


Are you tired of looking at the same outdated garage door every time you pull into your driveway? Updating your garage door can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal. The good news is, giving your garage door a modern facelift is relatively easy and budget-friendly. This blog post will provide helpful information on how to update your garage door for a contemporary style that complements your architecture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Determine your budget and preferred style
  • Consider materials like wood, steel, aluminum
  • Add windows for natural light and style
  • Update hardware like handles and hinges
  • Fresh paint or stain gives a modern look
  • Hire a pro for proper installation

How to Update Your Garage Door for a Modern Look

Determine Your Budget and Preferences

The first step is deciding how much you want to spend. Garage door upgrades can range from a few hundred dollars for minor changes to thousands of dollars for a full replacement. Additionally, determine the architectural style you prefer – modern, contemporary, craftsman, etc. This will guide your material and design choices.

Consider the Materials

Today’s garage doors come in various materials that range in price, durability, insulation value and maintenance requirements:

Wood – Beautiful but requires regular staining/painting

Steel – Durable and low maintenance option


Aluminum – Lightweight and resistant to rust

Fiberglass – Low maintenance and mimics wood look

Vinyl – Budget-friendly and doesn’t dent

Add Windows

Adding windows to your garage door is an excellent way to introduce natural light, ventilation and an element of style. Window placement options are abundant too – arched windows across the top panel or accent windows along the sides or bottom, as examples. Make sure they complement your home’s existing windows.

Windows in garage doors

Update the Hardware

Replacing worn out, dated hardware with modern handles, hinges and locks can give your garage door a fresh new look. Sleek black, stainless steel and brushed nickel are popular modern options. Make sure any new hardware installed is durable and secure.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint or Stain

Sometimes a new coat of exterior grade paint or stain is all you need to transform the look of your garage door. Neutral colors like black, white and gray make great choices if you want a modern style. Or opt for a bold shade if you want your garage door to stand out.

Hire a Garage Door Professional

If you aren’t experienced with major DIY projects, consider hiring a professional garage door installation company. They have the expertise to provide recommendations and properly install any new garage door you purchase. This ensures it functions safely and smoothly for years to come.


Updating the look of your outdated garage door can completely transform the exterior styling of your home. With some simple upgrades like installing new windows, hardware, paint or stain – or replacing the door entirely if your budget allows – you can enjoy a contemporary garage door that increases visual appeal and potentially property value. Just be sure to hire a professional installer if tackling a major overhaul. If you need help from a garage door repair company in Phoenix, Fountain Hills, or Florence be sure to contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you modernize an old garage door?

You can modernize an old garage door by replacing worn out hardware with updated brushed nickel or steel handles and hinges, adding contemporary windows and applying a fresh coat of neutral or bold colored paint or stain. Replacing an very outdated garage door is another option.

What is the new trend in garage doors?

Some of the latest garage door trends include doors made of modern materials like aluminum and fiberglass, doors with full-length windows across the top panel, bold and modern paint colors like black and charcoal and hardware in brushed nickel or steel.

Is it worth it to upgrade a garage door?

Upgrading your garage door is definitely worth the investment if your current door is outdated, worn down or functioning poorly. Replacing an old inefficient garage door can also help lower your energy bills. A modern garage door also increases curb appeal which can boost resale value.


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