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Have you ever left the house in a rush, only to turn around 5 minutes later wondering – “Did I close the garage door?” Smart garage door sensors eliminate those worries by allowing you to monitor and control your garage door right from your smartphone. Keep reading to learn how smart sensors can make your life easier while securing your home.

Smart garage door sensors connect your smartphone to your garage door opener using wifi or Bluetooth, allowing you to check if the door is open or closed and open or close it with the tap of a button, wherever you are. With notifications sent straight to your phone when the door opens or closes, you’ll have peace of mind that your garage and the belongings inside are secure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Monitor door in real-time
  • Open/close door remotely
  • Customizable notifications
  • Increased security
  • Handy for deliveries
  • Work with a garage door repair company in Phoenix if you need professional help

Compatibility and Installation

The first step is ensuring compatibility. Smart garage door openers only work with sectional and tilt-style doors, not roller doors. To test compatibility, attach a short wire or pliers across your opener’s A and B terminals. If this triggers the door to open, then a smart opener will work.

Install by connecting the smart opener to the same terminals, plugging it in, and pairing it with a smartphone app. Sensors mount inside the garage – one part on the wall and the other on the door. They should be 3-15 mm apart and parallel.

Customized Alerts and Remote Access

Once set up, you can name your door in the app and customize alerts so you know every time the door opens or closes. The app allows you to view the door’s status and operate it from anywhere. This remote access offers security and convenience whether you’re out running errands or on vacation.

Additional Smart Features

Upgrading with smart features also enables handy delivery notifications. Get alerts when a package arrives so items aren’t left outside for long. Some smart sensor systems even work with home assistants like Alexa, allowing for voice command capabilities. With customizable features, increased security, and remote access, smart garage door sensors take convenience to the next level.

Additional Smart Features


Smart sensors eliminate all worries about the status of your garage door. With real-time monitoring, customized notifications, and ability to control the door from your smartphone, smart sensors are a worthwhile upgrade for any homeowner seeking security, convenience and peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Genie sensors work with LiftMaster? 

No, Genie and LiftMaster systems are not compatible with each other. You would need to purchase LiftMaster sensors.

Should both lights be on a garage door sensor? 

Yes, when installed properly, both lights on a garage door sensor should be illuminated. This indicates that the sensor parts are aligned and communicating properly to detect door movement.

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