Garage Doors for Unusual Architectures| Solutions and Ideas


If you have an unusually designed home, you know that finding the perfect garage door can be a challenge. Whether your house has an unconventional shape, non-standard dimensions, or a distinctive architectural style, stock garage doors simply won’t do. Thankfully, with some creative thinking and the right solutions, you can customize a garage door that seamlessly matches your one-of-a-kind abode.

Key Takeaways:

  • Evaluate your home’s special architectural details and style to guide appropriate garage door selections.
  • Let distinctive construction materials and designs complement the home’s unique aesthetics.
  • For non-standard openings, customize doors to flawlessly fit irregular shapes and sizes.
  • Partnering with experienced garage door suppliers ensures finding perfectly fitting, well-crafted doors for unusual homes.

With some creativity and customization, even homes with the most unique designs can install garage doors that enhance exterior styling instead of clashing with it. The special architecture of your house deserves an equally special garage door tailored to match.

Assessing Your Home’s Unique Architecture

The first step is taking stock of what exactly makes your home’s architecture unusual. Consider the following:

  • What architectural style is it? Spanish revival? Midcentury modern? Custom contemporary?
  • What unique shapes or angles does the exterior have?
  • Are the garage door dimensions non-standard? Extra wide or extra tall?
  • What materials and finishes visually define the home’s exterior look?

Once you’ve clearly defined what sets your home apart, you can use that information to guide your garage door selection and customization.

Exploring Material Options for Unique Garage Doors

When working with an unusual home design, let the construction materials lead the way.

  • Wood: From knotty alder to distressed barn wood, natural wood garage doors lend organic, rustic flair.
  • Metal: Mix materials with a copper or rusted steel cascade garage door. Stainless steel offers sleek modernism.
  • Glass: Translucent glass garage doors heighten modern or contemporary style. Add privacy with frosted or reflective glass.

Don’t limit yourself to just one material either. Mix wood and metal or glass and steel for added visual interest.

Garage Door Styles to Complement Unique Architecture

Along with materials, the aesthetic style of the garage door should match the home’s unusual design eras and details.

  • Carriage House: Carriage style doors with crossbuck, arched or curved details pair nicely with Spanish, Mediterranean or French inspired homes.
  • Contemporary: Glass and metal minimalist garage doors fit sleek modern houses.
  • Rustic: Barn style, crosshatch and board-and-batten doors complement Craftsman and farmhouse styles.

Additionally, don’t forget the hardware. Decorative door handles, hinges and fixtures should coordinate with other exterior accents.

Garage Door Styles

Accommodating Non-Standard Garage Openings

If your unique home has an exceptionally wide, tall or irregularly angled garage entrance, then a customized garage door is a must.

  • Extra wide openings: Use extended panel, wide custom wood or aluminum doors.
  • Extra tall openings: Opt for extended height steel doors or special order extra tall glass cascade garage doors.
  • Angled openings: Order a door with the exact angled configuration or install a standard door on a special angle-matched track.

A reputable garage door professional can create doors to fit even the most abnormal garage openings.


Finding the ideal garage door for a uniquely designed home may seem daunting, but with an understanding of your home’s special architectural details, the right material selections, and customization options for atypical openings, the perfect door can be created. The services of knowledgeable garage door professionals prove invaluable. By taking the special time and care to customize a garage door for your unusual home, you can install an accent piece that enhances instead of clashes with your home’s rare aesthetics.

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