Factors That Determine Garage Door Repair Costs


Installing and maintaining your garage door is not complicated, but it is complex. Within the garage door repair costs, you need to figure out the tools, parts, and time. Also, some of the tasks are either impossible or very dangerous to do without at least two people.

Theoretically, every able-bodied person would be able to install and repair the garage door. The issue arises because few people have the correct tools on hand, and even fewer have the spare parts just lying around.

Additionally, what might be a half-hour job for an experienced technician might take multiple days for someone trying to figure it out on their own. It will become really easy to determine garage door repair costs on your own once you do it a few times, but not that many people have multiple garage doors.

Things to Consider for the Garage Door Repair Cost

Garage Door Repair Project

The reason why everyone should know how to determine garage door repair costs is twofold. On one side there is the clear cost/benefit analysis of whether you can do something yourself or would it be more prudent to call a professional.

The other is to know how to read the quote given by the professional. While most garage door repair service technicians in Scottsdale and other parts of Phoenix are good and honest folk, there is always a chance of someone new to the business trying to pull a fast one.

They don’t last long, but their repairs usually last even less, so it is best to know what you are asking before you even start.

Six contributing factors go into the cost:

  • Is it maintenance or repair?
  • Are there specialized tools required?
  • How much do the spare parts cost?
  • Is there any electrical work included?
  • How much do the items that are being fixed weigh?
  • How long will the repair take?

What most people can include within a DIY project is maintenance. If you can keep the gears lubricated, the sensors clean, and all of the cables fixed and dry you will prolong the life of your garage door significantly and lower any potential repair costs.

Maintenance vs. Repair

If there is no material fatigue, if all of the gears are sharp, and the motor works like a clock, the job will be next to nothing. Prevention is always better than the cure, and by keeping everything clean, dry, and lubricated you will prevent becoming a close friend with your garage door technician due to constant meetings.

Once repairs are needed, they can either be cosmetic repairs, which are at least not critical if you fail when you do them yourself. Mechanical repairs, on the other hand, almost always benefit from having a technician present.

Even something basic like a busted spring or a bad opener mechanism can be bothersome to fix without the proper tools. Also, you don’t want to damage the door and destroy your curb appeal for something that is more often than not a minor issue for a professional.

Specialized Tools

One of the most common tools for garage door technicians that virtually nobody else has behind their garage door is the spring winder, right next to the spring wire gauge. That is something you will only use to repair your garage door, and the tools themselves usually cost about as much as a single repair.

Once you add the winding bars, pullers, cable crimpers, lubricants, and vice grips, you are looking at way more than the cost of a single repair. It’s simply not economically sound to keep tools that you might use once a year.

Spare Parts

If you have noticed that something is wrong and started to determine garage door repair costs and time, you want to finish everything quickly. In a DIY situation, you can source all of the parts online, match them with your garage door model, and hope that everything will work out.

With modern delivery speeds, you might even be lucky and get the parts in a day. But who has a day to wait?

If you call a technician, and especially if you mention your door’s model, they will come with all of the spare parts that might be needed. Alternatively, we can source the parts much faster, cheaper, and more reliably than they would be on the open market.

Garage Door Repair


Electronics will usually drive the garage door repair costs up by quite a margin. The time spent on fixing the opener isn’t more than other repairs. But, the parts are way more expensive and it requires an experienced technician to ensure the job is done correctly.

And, the opener and the sensors need to be checked and tested several times before you can be certain that everything is okay.

The only additional work is with the troubleshooting, but that costs time more than anything else.

Item Weight

Mostly when it comes to panels and manual opening, the weight of the items the technician or technicians need to move becomes an issue that adds to the price. Moving something alone can be dangerous and in those cases, two techs working will be necessary.

As you can imagine, two people working instead of one will increase the labor cost. But those are also the jobs that you should never do yourself because you will be risking an injury, which can cost way more than the extra technician.

Time Cost

A technician might deal with an issue in 15 minutes, but such efficiency only comes after years of experience. Garage repair door costs in Gilbert will cost less than in Wickenburg or New River simply because it’s easier to reach and takes less time.

You will always be quoted the price per job rather than an hour, but the tech will include how much time it will take to fix into their calculation.

Perform a Cost/Benefit Analysis

Having a cost/benefit analysis is always the first step if you want to determine garage door costs. The benefits are the greatest when you have a skilled technician simply maintaining your system.

But, if you need to fix the door that is already broken, then you will need to determine if you could fix it yourself or if it’s smarter to call a professional and keep your mind on your job.

Technicians don’t void your warranty and have all of the tools. But if you somehow have the tools and have ample amounts of time you can try to finish any task and at some point, you will succeed.

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