Top Garage Door Security Features for Enhanced Protection


Do you ever worry about the security of your garage and what valuables might be stored inside? Upgrading your garage door with advanced security features can give you peace of mind and better protect your home. This blog breaks down the latest technology to burglary-proof your garage.

The garage door is often the most vulnerable access point into a home. While automatic garage door openers provide convenience, they also provide an opportunity for burglars if not properly secured. However, modern security features for garage doors offer advanced encryption, notifications, and high-security construction to better defend your castle.

Key Takeaways:

  • High-security garage doors provide certified, burglary-resistant construction
  • Advanced encryption like rolling codes help prevent break-ins
  • Remote notifications can alert you if your garage door opens
  • Manual release allows garage access during power failures
  • Additional locks and side-hinged doors also boost security

What Makes Garage Doors Vulnerable?

Garage doors tend to be lightweight and powered by electricity, which burglars can exploit. Power failures may disable electric garage door openers, allowing unwanted entry. Additionally, basic wireless signals from remote controls and openers can be intercepted and replicated. Finally, the large size of garage doors means robust locks and construction are needed to provide proper security.

How Can You Burglary-Proof Your Garage Door?

Fortunately, several advanced security upgrades can effectively burglary-proof your garage:

High-Security Garage Doors

Choosing an upgraded, high-security garage door specially designed to resist attacks provides maximum peace of mind. Leading security garage doors like the Teckentrup 62-2 feature strong locking bars, heavy-duty steel, and secure hinge systems purpose-built to protect your home from break-ins. Many are certified to industrial security standards for complete confidence.

Advanced Encryption Technology

Modern automatic garage door openers include advanced encryption like rolling codes or frequency bands that constantly change the signal sent from remote controls to the motor. This prevents burglars from intercepting and replicating the signals using garage door “code grabbers”. Upgrade older openers to keyless models with 100 billion new encryption codes each time the remote is used.

Advanced Encryption Technology

Video Camera Surveillance

Installing a video camera monitoring system covering your garage allows you to review footage and alerts you if the garage is breached. Position cameras to capture clear images of intruders for evidence. For even better coverage, choose cameras with two-way audio, motion activated recording, and night vision capabilities.

Smartphone Notifications

A simpler alternative to full camera coverage is a sensor system that provides notifications straight to your smartphone whenever your garage door opens. This allows you to remotely monitor your garage entrance in real-time and be alerted about any unusual activity.

Manual Release for Power Failures

Despite advanced motorized openers, a manual release system allows you to disengage the drive and open the garage door if power goes out. This prevents being locked out of your garage and home during electrical failures or weather emergencies. Manual release cables should be installed correctly so burglars cannot access them from outside.

Additional Locks

For side-hinged garage doors or vehicle entrance doors leading into the garage, high-security multipoint locks provide supplementary protection. Multipoint locks secure the door to the frame in multiple places down its edge for formidable security. Alternatively, choosing a side-hinged door certified to PAS 24 security standards ensures exceptional resistance to forced entry.

By installing the right combination of these commercial-grade security features, you can effectively protect your home by securing its garage access point against break-ins.


Don’t overlook the security risks posed by your garage. Upgrading to advanced security garage doors and openings engineered to resist real-world break-in methods provides reliable protection for your home and valuables. Consult security experts to identify any vulnerable points and install commercial-grade security features like those outlined here to effectively defend your property. With strong locks, restricted access, and remote monitoring, you can burglary-proof your garage against all threats.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best security for up and over garage doors?

Up and over garage doors are best secured with anti-lift kits to block access underneath, high-security locking bars, commercial-grade automatic openers with rolling code technology, and remote alerts whenever opened.

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